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Upgrading Existing Equipment

Experiencing performance issues? Demands on evaporative cooling equipment typically exceed the original design specification as time goes by – we can evaluate the system and offer recommendations to improve performance, extend life, etc

  • low sound solutions (download brochure)
  • AS3666 compliance
  • Increase thermal performance
  • Increase efficiency (lowering operating costs)
  • Capacity control (to reduce power consumption)
  • Reduced maintenance upgrades – automatic bearing greasers, direct drive retrofit kits to suit all makes and models
  • Water treatment and filtration
  • Non-corrosive component upgrades – Aluminum pulley’s and stainless steel components
  • Water saving devices
  • High efficiency drift eliminators rates to 0.001% drift loss
  • WST inlet louvres designed for maximum airflow, no sunlight and minimum splash out
  • Log clog nozzles for Zero Maintenance
  • Access systems for maintenance
  • Davit systems for lifting heavy motors and pulley’s
  • Corrosion resistant upgrades – protective coating for cold water basin sumps and hot water decks (download Evapliner brochure)
  • Sunlight louvres to minimize algae and harmful bacteria growth
  • Life extension
  • Warranty extension


alloy pulley WST Stainless Steel Coils nozzle